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Blue Gables Vineyard

East Gippsland is fast becoming a renowned wine region incorporating several boutique style wineries. Blue Gables is one of them.

Blue Gables boasts four varieties spread across 7 acres: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Shiraz. We strive to produce premium quality wine, year on year.

The vineyard, Blue Gables, is appropriately named after the picturesque farmhouse on the property where Alistair & Catherine Hicks and their three children live.

Situated high on a hill, we have an exposed site that is warmer than most in Gippsland by day, yet with the absence of any sea breeze, our nights cool off significantly. These day/night temperature extremities are perfect for viticulture and this unique microclimate has resulted in the wines displaying intense varietal flavour and elegance.

The inspiration for building a vineyard on this site all began when visiting Catherine's family home in Upper Maffra West. Catherine's father Keith, a dairy farmer of some 42 years on the property, wanted an idea for utilising the infertile ground that he could not irrigate. The "hill", as it was commonly known, had an ideal north-facing slope, so the possibility of growing grapes was a topic always of much discussion. The first vines were planted in 2004.

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