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Maffra Poly and Pumps

Maffra Poly & Pumps was started by Michael Gray in 1999 as an extension to Tinamba Engineering.?Family run by local Gippslanders for the last 17 years, we employ 13 members of staff. In 2015?Damian Hall became partners with Michael Gray.

At Maffra Poly &?Pumps we are traditionally experts in the Irrigation and farming sector.

We have?now expanded to cover the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

  • ?Large bore poly welding, tanks, excavation, pump sales and servicing, pivot irrigators, bike shift irrigation, flood irrigation systems, drainage and effluent systems and fixed irrigation spray?systems.

  • Expertise in boiler making, pump technicians, licensed poly welders and poly/steel fabricators.

  • Custom design expertise.

  • Ability to weld poly sizes from 32mm up to 1,000mm

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