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Mewburn Park Homestead

Mewburn Park, 2.5hrs east of Melbourne, is a 40 acre private property and working farm offering a beautiful colonial Homestead dating from the 1850?s, as is the heritage listed brick stables. Located in the heart of Gippsland food and wine region and tucked behind an oak tree lined driveway, the sanctuary of Mewburn Park has lush gardens, tranquil walkways and ponds that ooze serenity. The Homestead is wrapped with a huge verandah, taking you back to the glorious 1920?s, while the Servant?s Quarters take you back even further to the colonial 1850?s. Mewburn Park offers a range of locations, helping couples create a wedding that is unique for them. Homestead Gardens The established gardens at the front of the Homestead offer a botanical garden vibe for ceremonies. Guests will arrive through the meandering garden paths, bringing them to the couples private area of huge old oak trees, palms and fish pond and open lawns. Mewburn Park Ponds Mewburn Park has tranquil pond areas, offering a private and intimate ceremony space where couples can have English trees as a backdrop, or the rustic open farm land of Mewburn Park. The Stables Mewburn Park?s heritage listed Stables offer a beautiful spot for intimate ceremonies in the courtyard. Draped in festoon lights, this festive space helps create a unique experience for all guests. The Stables pop up bar also allows guests to enjoy this private and secluded area before the evening begins at the reception. The Marquee Slowly make your way into Mewburn Park?s clear view marquee; where guests can take in the farm charm that surrounds and the stars from above. The 21x1o metre Marquee offers plenty of space for a sit down evening or a relaxed cocktail party. The Bridal Suite Within the 1850?s Servant?s Quarters of Mewburn Park Homestead the boutique Bridal Suite is tucked away. Offering a private & quiet space for brides & co. to relax and prepare for the day ahead. Contact the crew at Mewburn Park on how to create your Destination Wedding at Mewburn Park.
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