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Maffra Fire Brigade is located approximately 20km north of Sale, in CFA District 10, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. ?We are a part of the West and South Gippsland Fire Districts. Maffra has a population of around 6000, and included in our hazards are some of the major industries in our area such as:
  • Murray Goulburn Milk Factory
  • Ridley?s Stock Feeds (Maffra Feed and Grain)
  • BrownWigg (agricultural chemical distributor and Farm Supplies)
  • Multiple salad farms and associated packing plants
Also included in our list of hazards is the Avon wilderness, an area of bush land that is mostly impenetrable, and is the main threat of most of the bushfire brigades in the area. Maffra Fire Brigade is a Class 4 brigade,?having a structure with wildfire risk level, and as a brigade, we have purchased some additional equipment to counter this threat including three vehicles, a thermal imaging camera and other equipment. We are housed in a modern station?in the main street of Maffra.
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